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Alex Pak



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Alex Pak is a pop/R&B singer and songwriter. Music was always his passion and singing is the only way of his self-expression. His musical inspirations are Ray Charles, Elvis, Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown and Marvin Gaye.
He made his first steps in music in the 3rd grade of Elementary School. Alex entered local music school and started playing the piano. He studied hard with a great enthusiasm, because he had a role-model. His grand-father was a violinist and Alex always looked up to him as a role-model.

In a year Alex Pak started to sing with a help of his mother. She insisted on entering Vocal School, because singing lessons could help with Alex’ health problems. Alex had a chronic bronchitis, but after only 3 years of singing his illness has gone away. Since then singing became his obsession.
Alex writes both music and lyrics. He’s basing its concept on certain character or plot. His music and lyrics are very cinematic. It’s very important for Alex to transmit not only his feelings, but a visual image as well. Every song is like a different movie or book. Alex’ goal is to show a diverse characters, feelings and situations.
This attitude is inspired by his obsession with movies. Alex’ favorite directors are Woodie Allen with his genius ability in storytelling, David Lynch with his psychedelic masterpieces and The Wachowskis with “The Matrix”.

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