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Founding members Tim Hale and Max Seeman started writing music in 2001 with the intentions of creating extreme, yet highly aesthetic death metal. While Tim had been a fan of such brutal acts as Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy and math metallers Meshuggah for some time before, Max, on the other hand, was more a fan of the psychedelic/blues rock of Pink Floyd and the entrancing beats of DJ Shadow. When the two of them started creating music together, an interesting dynamic developed between Tim’s heavier influences and Max’s more eclectic tastes. The duo realized that the complexity and chaos of their death metal aspects were complimented by the more calming and stirring qualities of their clean passages and Jazz/fusion-inspired solos (think Allan Holdsworth). Thus, Tim and Max sought to compile a full line up to fill out there sound and take their music to the stage, under the name Anomalous.

Months after the two started writing music, Tim and Max acquired a drummer in Steve Powell and started to practice as a three piece. When the trio became solid enough, they decided to try to play some shows, regardless of the missing bassist and vocalist. In 2004, years after the original two members started to write the music that became Anomalous, the trio played a few shows to a great response from the crowds.


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