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Bring Me the Horizon


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Шеффилд (2004 – по сей день)

Bring Me the Horizon (BMTH) — английская металкор-группа из Шеффилда, Йоркшир, основанная в 2004 году пятью участниками других групп. Они исполняли музыку в стиле, который является смесью дэт-метала и металкора (также известный как дэткор) на своём первом альбоме. Но последний альбом имеет более эклектичный стиль, совмещая в себе элементы пост-хардкора, электроники, а так же металкора.

«Бринги» получили своё название, взяв за основу фразу из фильма «Пираты Карибского моря», которую произнёс капитан Джек Воробей: «Now… Bring me that horizon». После простой замены «that» на «the», Bring Me the Horizon стало официальным названием группы.

В настоящее время они подписали контракт с лейблом «Visible Noise Records», изначально же Bring Me the Horizon были подписаны на лейбл «Thirty Days of Night Records» и стали первой группой этого лейбла. Группа также имеет контракты с «Epitaph Records», США и «Shock Records», Австралия.

В прошлом выступали с такими группами, как Lostprophets, The Blackout, Killswitch Engage и The Haunted. В марте и апреле 2007 года BMTH совершили тур по Великобритании с теперь не существующей группой I Killed the Prom Queen. Они также играли на «Download Festival» 2007 с Iron Maiden, Slayer и другими.

Bring Me the Horizon записывали второй студийный альбом в начале 2008 года. В апреле и мае они были в Швеции, записывая альбом с Фредриком Нордстрёмом, который работал с такими группами как At the Gates, Arch Enemy, I Killed the Prom Queen и Dimmu Borgir. Альбом был выпущен 29 cентября 2008 года. «Suicide Season» полностью отличается от предыдущего альбома «Count Your Blessings», имевшего больше металкора, как в дебютном EP «This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For».


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  • spineshank155

    Everything starts off as a trend, the true fans stick to what they like. Not everything popular is bad, even the worst ones have a few decent songs.. depending on the listener of course. The problem though i think trend-hoppers ignore anything that is obscure and/or too lazy to search for better bands of the particular style. As a result, many great bands hardly gets noticed and they have to work much harder to gain a decent fanbase.

    Вчера, 16:43 Ответить
  • santastalker

    You must back up your opinions with facts.

    Вчера, 09:37 Ответить
  • Epsilon_X2008

    and people consider deathcore and nu-metal to be "inferior" because they were trendy, so a bunch of people with no talent hopped on the bandwagon and tried to appeal to as many people as possible, which general makes the music more suited for somebody just getting into it. There are great bands in both subgenres, but the most popular ones are generally the trend-hoppers that don't care, which gives the genres a bad rep.

    16 Апр 4:34 Ответить
  • Epsilon_X2008

    Chasing Rainbows and Join The Club are awesome

    16 Апр 4:26 Ответить
  • hamitic

    I am a homosexual and comparing my sexuality with such music offends me. Please refrain from doing so. Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

    16 Апр 1:27 Ответить
  • Ponsikk

    Сайкс сосёт хуи. Сегодня по новостям говорили.

    15 Апр 17:06 Ответить
  • spineshank155

    I used to be really angry. Kinda switching from frustration, anger, to depression. I was also mostly depressed growing up but it was hardly noticeable for the most part. I don't know why most metalheads limit themselves to a certain style. IMO they are about as closed minded as many Christians i have met. I might be a metalhead at heart, but i don't follow their ideals much. I like the musical style but hating on bands you don't like is childish.

    14 Апр 22:33 Ответить
  • bobo9390

    I like a lot of underground metal, but genuinely have more interest in nu metal and metalcore. The culture of other metal genres isn't for me. Lots of angry people. And besides, I see lots of metal fans that hate on metalcore, but rarely see metalcore fans hating on other metal subgenres. So obviously I'll see more appeal in the group that limits themselves less.

    14 Апр 19:44 Ответить
  • spineshank155

    Mainstream metal and core bands are a general area which most start off at. But it doesn't mean that deathcore is a genre for beginners. Korn is a good entry level band, just like Metallica, Megadeth, Black Sabbath or some obscure metal band no one has heard of. People DO have to start off somewhere and it doesn't really matter where. Most people that listen to 'entry level' bands most likely will continue to do so, i mean unless you are susceptible to criticism. Granted a little i was, especially with nu metal but it's not a bad genre, nor is deathcore. It's not hard to enjoy the music you like and ignore the ones you don't.

    13 Апр 16:15 Ответить
  • HavikK

    Fans of BoO, The Faceless, Rings of Saturn, Abiotic, The HAARP Machine, TBDM, Ovid's Withering etc. check out the new full length by Nexilva out now on Subliminal Groove Records. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4AyCPD-EHA

    10 Апр 4:27 Ответить
  • bobo9390

    v That argument never made sense to me. What about people who are coreheads? There's a lot of musical elements, lyrical themes, production styles, and general attitudes of the scenes and fanbases that is significantly different between deathcore and death metal. Assuming fans of one will prefer the other makes no sense at all really. I like death metal as much as the next guy, but it's totally illogical to make that claim. DM is good music, but the deathcore scene is so much more fun to me.

    9 Апр 19:15 Ответить
  • aldrignedigen

    v Hilarious library

    8 Апр 13:21 Ответить
  • nuslear_storm


    8 Апр 2:07 Ответить
  • bobo9390

    Yeah none of those tags would discourage anyone from checking them out so I'm not sure what he was getting at.

    7 Апр 20:29 Ответить
  • nostalgia-rush

    dude i'd love listening to something called analcore. that would rock

    7 Апр 7:27 Ответить
  • katyadrooch

    nobody322, бля, меня раскрыли. как ты угадал? поделись своим методом дедукции, пжлст

    6 Апр 8:07 Ответить
  • nobody322

    katyadrooch,Я смотрю ты любишь дрочить на олю.

    5 Апр 11:17 Ответить
  • katyadrooch


    5 Апр 6:04 Ответить
  • Registeel

    They played RAWRRR so yes they do still play ep songs

    5 Апр 0:22 Ответить
  • Registeel

    It's 2014 and people are still calling bands gay, fag, homo, ect., they're just living in the past and are probably insecure about their music taste. [2] [2] [2] my friend, very true

    5 Апр 0:22 Ответить
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