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Carmen McRae


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Кармен Мерседес Макрэй (Carmen Mercedes McRae) (8 апреля 1920 - 10 ноября 1994) - американская джазовая певица, композитор, пианистка, актриса. Одна из самых влиятельных джазовых вокалистов XX века, её отличали сильный голос незабываемого тембра, оригинальная фразировка, иронические интерпретации текстов. В течение карьеры записала более 60 альбомов на многих лэйблах, включая Bethlehem, Decca (1954-58), Kapp, Columbia, Mainstream, Focus, Atlantic (1967-70), Black Lion, Groove Merchant, Catalyst, Blue Note, Buddah, Concord and Novus.


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  • Nochek


    11 Янв 6:42 Ответить
  • rubyathena

    'weep no more' is timeless and perfect.

    24 Апр 2014 Ответить
  • Herick_MS


    12 Мар 2014 Ответить
  • Fullmettall

    Old Devil Moon

    22 Янв 2014 Ответить
  • Batiste369

    I'm just now getting into this wonderful lady's music and I am blown away! What a talent she was!

    13 Дек 2013 Ответить
  • thesleepycloud


    28 Май 2013 Ответить
  • eliteplum


    8 Авг 2012 Ответить
  • Amiiida

    Her voice is not transparently and stable sense of rhythm.

    25 Ноя 2011 Ответить
  • MusicProducer70

    Hi Friends! See now the video of Tina Still: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7y5RSh3qj0 Tks! Thiago

    6 Июл 2011 Ответить
  • bvnni

    This first time I ever heard her sing was on the Vocal version of Take Five by Dave Brubeck. One of my favourite songs and quite by accident, discovered he and his wife had written lyrics to it and Carmen recorded them.

    15 Июн 2011 Ответить
  • AllahKrishna

    I want that My woman sings Me this song.

    14 Июн 2011 Ответить
  • Septacle

    hits the spot

    16 Фев 2011 Ответить
  • bernarducs

    my kind of woman

    6 Фев 2011 Ответить
  • nedersong

    I sleep better now

    10 Май 2010 Ответить
  • floydalbert

    I just love it all and all who love this.

    24 Апр 2010 Ответить
  • kaplan06

    Hello my friend, Your page very nice page and songs. :) I wish add you. :) http://www.kristalfm.biz/istek.php My name is Hüseyin

    5 Дек 2009 Ответить
  • LordTammer

    Where've you been 'ol_smitty', this woman has been a jewel, a huge smack down since FOREVER. "Make people AWARE of her- Sarah, Ella, Nancy, Dinah, Nina just to name a few, are whispered in the SAME breath. She's been there all along, you just gotta know where to look . . . welcome aboard anyway, maybe you can show us country 'bumpkins' a thing or 2, )x-(

    25 Ноя 2009 Ответить
  • Joebee58


    21 Июл 2009 Ответить
  • ol_smitty

    I truly thank all of you who comment on carmen mcrae and now lets make everyone else aware of her, Play it and spread it cause she is 1 of the greatest i am on jango and pandora so it will take me some time to get my page up and going so bare with me I will be back to bring some more great stuff like this.ty again ol_smitty

    10 Апр 2009 Ответить
  • 1969SL

    Glad that last.fm helped some of you to learn about one of the best jazz singers ever.For some reason she was not universaly known as Billie,Ella or Sarah althought musicians loved and respected her - there is a famous anecdote about Miles Davis who was upset about Ella Fitzgerald being called "Queen of Jazz" on some promotional poster - "hell,what is Carmen than?" said Davis. I dont think McRae was ever concerned with any of this "rating" business as she had her own faithful cult following and she never compromised her artistic sensibility - all of her recordings are very serious,high-quality releases and there is hardly ever a single wrong note on them.She didn't compromise,did not sell millions of records but kept her dignity and stayed true to herself (by the way,she was also a great piano player and composer - Billie Holiday recorded her song "Dream of life").

    9 Апр 2009 Ответить
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