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Pavel Lenchenko, known by his stage name CEPASA, is a ukrainian producer/composer creating deep and downtempo electronica as well as bass-oriented tracks with his distinctive sound leading him to be named one of the top ukrainian producers. His music is clearly taking benefits from advancements in music technology, especially electronic musical instruments, synthesizers, music sequencers, drum machines. Lenchenko is a master with mixing it with deep and hypnotic bass beats, perfectly balanced blend of drum&bass, bassline and dubstep. And all of this with a touch of atmospheric deep house. Also in spare time Pavel writes soundtracks for fashion shows and ad campaigns. Some of them even got The FWA and Cannes Lions shortlist.
In 2011 he started releasing music under real name Pavel Lenchenko on the labels Elevation Limited and Moodmusic. Pavel made remixes for Blaze, The Timewriter, Einmusik, Aldo Cadiz, Compuphonic, Zoe Xenia, Laurent Collat, Nuno Dos Santos, Sebastian Davidson, Koala, The Disclosure Project, Jussi-Pekka. His music is being remixed by Tigerskin, Carlo, Re.You, Rampa, Remute, Phonogenic, Alex Kid, Oleg Poliakov, Darlyn Vlys, Samuel Dan and others. One year later Lenchenko created Cepasa. The debut album «Doing Right» made his name known as an producer with his own unique style.


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