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Da Y.ers



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Da Y.ers (eng. «The Wires») A young electronic hip-hop project that prefers to make original and commercially interesting music with appropriate sound.
Our goal is to create beautiful and modern music, using both the latest techniques in sound design and arrangement, production and classical techniques of songwriting. The team Da Y.ers delivers the fullness of the musical form using English, which in our opinion, again only in our opinion, more melodically can give all the charm of the human voice in music.

Music Band «Da Y.ers»: a producer, arranger and beatmaker ArtIss (Artemiy Belov) whose top priorities in music - is a beautiful harmony, «Modern Melody» and creative sound.
The second wire is a young (16 year-old), rap artist Alex Aleego. Who interferes his own style and what he has learned from American artists, where in fact he grew up.
The «Da Y.ers» plan includes further promotion of their music on various labels, and participation in today’s podcasts.

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