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Dead Silence Hides My Cries


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Dead Silence Hides My Cries is an epic core band from Minsk, Belarus. The band was founded in 2009 by it’s vocalist and songwriter Matvey. The debut gig took place on March 13, same year. Once the band piled up enough songs, the decision to record the debut EP was made, but the recording was stopped after one of the guitarists quitted. And eventually in December the first band’s single was released - Everyone Burns In This Hell plus Intro, not in the best quality though. After some long-term changes in the crew, rich gig experience and solid volume of material the band started the recording of it’s first album - The Wretched Symphony. The record was released in December 2010 and this was the most prominent step ahead for the band. DSHMC immediately reached another level. The album had a great number of positive comments from common listeners and well known bands, booking angencies, and also from musical reviewers and labels’ repesentatives. This served as an impetus for further activity and development on a more serious level. The band did not stand still and in summer 2011 the deluxe edition of the album was released, which consists of 10 tracks plus 4 bonus tracks. After it the band started the recording of its second album, which will consist of 13 songs. This album will be the most crucial in the history of the band. In January 2013 the band signed a contract with Artery Foundation and in February they are signing to Artery.


2010 - Demo
2010 - The Wretched Symphony
2011 - The Wretched Symphony
2012 - HALO
2012 - My Hard & Long Way Home
2012 - Set Fire To The Rain


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