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Dirty Bird 13


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Ukrainian electro band “Dirty Bird 13” is a representative of a large and fast growing group of post-industrial bands which create music within Ukraine.
The band was founded by two friends from Horlivka in 2009. They are Denis Cherryman(vocals, music, lyrics) and Alexander Sol (music, lyrics, sound producing). The guys had a fair experience creating music from experimental to metal genre in numerous underground bands. However, according to them, DB13 is the very first project they consider serious.

The band focuses on a trend inherent to “industrial” of the new millennium – “dark electro”, which is represented by such great bands as Hocico, Wumpscut and Suicide Commando. But one cannot say that the band just blindly copies eminent representatives of the genre. The guys’ve got their own unique view on the genre, combining distinctive for “dark electro” dancelike and stiff sound with not quiet proper for the genre melancholic intros, folk spots, songs’ subject-matter, external image and outfit.
There is no “gore” common for the genre in the DB13 songs. The lyrics are more rather vital, pertaining to life itself and sometimes very sarcastic.
The band’s appearance is far from “cyber” trends of modern stage and is more referred to classic EBM of 90-s. DB13 doesn’t try to look provocative. Virility and intelligence is its main feature which so many nowadays bands lack.


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