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Grach is a Techno dj, producer and KOXI Planet label host.
Born in 1982, Grach started his musical education in his childhood, he was the lead singer and founder of his own rock band. Now his music is synonymous with all that is exciting about techno. He is a constant participant of the biggest festivals. His releases earn popularity among peoples, dj-s such as Richie Hawtin, Markus Schulz, Paul van Dyk, Franco Bianco, Alexander Fog etc. and on the radio.

As a now respected producer of Israel’s techno scene, Grach struck a chord with multilayered techno, enriched in quality and indicative of his synthetic electronic style. Founder of the esteemed KP records imprint, he has opened the door and brought driving techno. Grach delivers a powerful combination of international flare, strong rhythm, and clever hooks. His works go on labels Techno Mafia Records, KOXI Planet, BDivision, DM Records, Orange 82, E8P Records. Grach has his own independent style not only in music but also in his look.
However, besides his own career, the advancement of techno music as such is of high importance to Grach. His KOXI Planet network is home to the booking agency KP Artist Booking, the event agency KP Events and the record label KP Recordings – three very important components of the electronic music scene that are both innovative and independent.

Welcome to KOXI Planet www.koxiplanet.com


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  • misenki

    March 1st the release EP - GRACH - "Humanoid Invason". And just around the corner, clip - Presentation "Five" track from the album.

    28 Фев 2012 Ответить