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BOOKING: letkolben@yahoo.com

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LetKolben is translated from German as “soldering iron”. This word was not chosen accidentally and later has become a quality brand of the domestic minimal techno stage. At the beginning of 2006 LetKolben got completely absorbed into the revolution that captured almost all the music world and he didn’t want to stand aside. Having huge music baggage he set a goal to show everyone how deep and diverse techno can be.

Active promotion of his musical ideas and thoughts attracted a lot of like-minded people and funs but LetKolben continued to conquer peaks without stopping. Several months later he released a CD with his first compilation under the name “minimal penetration”, which was his joint project with the famous teenage clothing brand. The compilation was predetermined to be a success even before it saw the light. The year 2006 was dedicated to self-education and further spread of his revolutionary ideas among greater number of people.

With like-minded people from “DecaDanza” promo group LetKolben launched his first joint project that became known under the name “Other Music”. The concept of the project was in disclosing to people the existence of other styles in electronic music; for sophisticated listeners it offered the possibility to enjoy the beauty and diversity of all these styles.

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