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Loaded Fist


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Glen’Future Funk Squad’ :

Imagine Luna Park…The sun is setting, the warm breeze is sailing through the air and carrying the sound of breakbeats, warm driving bass, uplifting melodies and a soaring female vocal (courtesy of Liz Melody) filtering out of the delays and reverb…
Ok that’s what it sounds like to me! what do you think?

Elusive…Crazy floor shakin’, record breakin’, bass thumpin’, crowd jumpin’, breaks pumpin’, dry humpin’…

er… that’s what it sounds like to me! what do you think?

InconspicuousVillain ( NSB Radio http://nsbradio.co.uk) :

Luna Park is an uplifting romp across the melodic side of breaks reminiscent of the early days of Nu Skool. With soulful vocal chantings courtesy of Liz Melody its got that open airy vibe that is so great for big outdoor festivals! :sun:

Elusive is a straight up beast of a track! If you have tuned in to my show lately then you might already be familiar with this one as it has quickly become a go to weapon in my arsenal of mass destruction! There’s really nothing ‘Elusive’ about it! its bold ballsy and in your face breaks!

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