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Не так уж много людей слушали NU-SKY в последнее время.
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Nu Sky - dj/producer of house & techno scene from New York City. In his music he skillfully combines contemporary sounds and his signature grooves, which form unique sound concept.

Kickstarting his career in a year 2000 as a ghost producer, Nu Sky was producing music for already established artists. Later he comes out with his own original sound and gets a chance to share a scene with such great artists as Eric Morillo, Pete Tong, Sharam and many others.

In 2013 Nu Sky came out with his debut album «Eye» which was supported by many artists and labels as Sk Supreme Records, Gris Musique and Sullivan Room Records. Music, as a sense of his life, is born over and over again, carries on new releases to well known labels like Material, Series Music, Sun:Sun Records, Oosh Music, which brought support from big names such as Dubfire, Laurent Garnier, Joseph Capriati, German Brigante. Nu Sky’s huge EP ‘Pulse’ supported and played by Marco Carola.

Nu Sky also collaborates with his partner in crime Eskuche, and together they released a record on New York City’s legendary label - Nervous Records. After, they made their anticipated debut on Wally Lopez Spain’s premier music group - Factomania with the release of ‘Phunky Music’. Soon followed the release of «Detroit EP» on TLK Rec /Talk Musique/ that got huge support in from Maya Jane Coles, she took the «Detroit» in her famous 300 XLR Podcast and then it stayed for a while in her playlist during her residency at Richie Hawtin’s «Enter» parties in Ibiza.

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