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Не так уж много людей слушали Nearfield_ в последнее время.
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Nearfield group started in 2003, it happened on a winter evening in dekabre. Two friends Andrew Paskin and Teslenok Dmitry having at that time decided to integrate the private projects to deliver their music new color and emotional sound!
They each had ideas as well as experience in writing music. Over half the duo sought its sound and structure of building tracks!

In 2004 she released EP «Force Reaction» sound was a melancholy and depressing, Dmitry and Andrey will integrate with ambient trip-hop beats razbovlyaya this micro zvuchkami and experimentation!
Work has begun work on their debut album lasted over a year but the end result was worth it in the December 2005 debut album MELT which they handed out to friendsand one of the drives came on the radio from that album sounded two tracks New Evolution and Calamity sound of the album by critics and the audience was greeted warmly this music flow into your ears and stay there for a long time with simple melodies pads enjoyable trip-hop beats and experimentation!
Watching educational films Nearfield publish EP «UFO» that was released in 2006 included the names of all 5 tracks reflect this phenomenon which dosihpor explanation is not received.
In 2007, the band plays its tracks get on the radio once more they write, and participate in the remix compilations. It’s time to start writing a new album, it is understood and the musicians themselves.

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