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This will probably be the strangest bio you’ve ever read.
There will be no words such as «the best DJ», «luxury label owner», «the best selling musician ever» or something like that.

He is just a guy.
A very talanted one, though!
His russian passport says his name is Sergey Spesivtsev. 
His friends and fans know him as OXEZY.

It’s been a winding road from producing psy-trance tracks through out his college years to progressive house, dub and complextro. And still he has his own approach to his music which makes his sound and melodies different. You see, we didn’t call it «amazing» or «unbelievable». It’s different. And it’s for you to decide how amazing or unbelievable it actually is.

This February OXEZY had his first release in 5 years and «The Game Of Love» was successful enough to premiere at the biggest dance radio networks in Europe — KISS FM. As you read this, the new release is being prepared: this time it’s an EP containing two tracks — «Bubble Gum» and «Hey U Punk». And obviously, this is not the end.

This is just the beginning.

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