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Pink Floyd


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Кембридж (1965 – 1994)

Pink Floyd (Пинк Флойд) — британская прогрессив/психоделик-рок-группа, созданная в Кембридже. Знаменита своими психоделическими песнями и грандиозными шоу. Является одной из наиболее успешных в рок- и поп-музыке, находится на седьмом месте в США по количеству проданных альбомов (более 70 млн. копий), мировой же тираж превышает 300 миллионов копий. Была основана в 1965 году, последний альбом («The Division Bell») и тур состоялись в 1994 году. Последнее выступление — 10 мая 2007 года (концерт, посвященный Сиду Барретту, Barbican Centre, Лондон).

Участники группы:

Первоначальный состав:

* Сид Барретт (англ. Syd Barrett) — гитарист, вокалист (1965 - 1968);
* Роджер Уотерс (англ. Roger Waters) — бас-гитарист, вокалист (1965 - 1985, 2005);
* Ричард Райт (англ. Richard Wright) — клавишник, вокалист (1965 - 1981, 1987 - 1994, 2005);
* Ник Мейсон (англ. Nick Mason) — барабанщик (1965 - 1994, 2005).
* Дэвид Гилмор (англ. David Gilmour) — вокалист, гитарист (1968 - 1994, 2005).

Название «Pink Floyd» образовано комбинацией имён джазовых, точнее ритм-н-блюзовых музыкантов Пинка Андерсона (Pink Anderson) и Флойда Каунсила (Floyd Council), фанатом коих был Барретт; название это, по рассказу Уотерса явилось Баррету в вещем сне, и он настоял на переименовании группы. До этого группа сменила много названий: «Sigma 6», «T-Set», «Meggadeaths», «The Screaming Abdabs», «The Architectural Abdabs» и «The Abdabs». Притом вначале группа именовалась «The Pink Floyd Sound», затем просто «The Pink Floyd» и только потом определённый артикль «the» был отброшен в угоду «звучности».


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  • onthewall2983

    Well, it looks like Roger spoke about it, but about not being involved in it. I guess some ill-informed fans thought he had a new album coming out next month and he took to Facebook to reply. No opinion on it however. I guess this time around he'll mind his p's and q's and just get on with his life.

    вчера день Ответить
  • BLiZZARD___

    Please like my facebooksite: https://www.facebook.com/AlexAndTheAudience

    30 Сен 7:52 Ответить
  • monhorreur

    Can't wait... :')

    30 Сен 3:56 Ответить
  • Schivittez

    Tá chegando a hora... The Endless River :)

    29 Сен 15:39 Ответить
  • esperantic

    I can't wait...

    29 Сен 9:51 Ответить
  • gabiioiq

    I've heard some people saying that the new album will be crap only because there's no Waters. It WOULD be great having him doing something new along with his former companions, of course, but... I believe Gilmour. He's such a great artist, and The Division Bell is an amazing album, as well. Not the best among all of them, but something worthy to remember of :)

    29 Сен 5:35 Ответить
  • gilles2ser

    sortie national en france du nouvelle album THE ENDLESS RIVER le 10 novembre 2014

    28 Сен 14:43 Ответить
  • niQboy

    "Waters>Barrett>Gilmour" - I kind of agree with this statement. Pink Floyd was at their apex of creativity when Roger was in charge and Barrett laid the foundation for the band, although they ended up in a completely different musical direction which is good. Gilmour's guitar playing was the core of the band however.

    28 Сен 14:05 Ответить
  • lucas_gonzalez

    The Endless River... Falta pouco! =D

    28 Сен 5:30 Ответить
  • Angel_Blue-

    Can't wait for The Endless River

    27 Сен 17:09 Ответить
  • Aki_Kato

    Hello, everyone! listen my new albums and download! atmospheric, experimental metal http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Aki+Kato

    26 Сен 5:21 Ответить
  • Pink_Floyd_RF

    deathsdemise123 you are an ignorant!

    25 Сен 21:19 Ответить
  • deathsdemise123

    Waters>Barrett>Gilmour. He's a good guitarist, but Momentary Lapse and Division Bell are some of the weakest releases in the Floyd canon. Barrett's stuff in charge is rough and whimsical but tends to be more effective than Dave's stuff as band-leader.

    25 Сен 21:17 Ответить
  • JoseDRengifo

    I have not great expectations for TER. They didn't do anything amazing since Waters' departure. But I will listen to it anyway.

    25 Сен 13:25 Ответить
  • Paolavox

    "The Division Bell will always be better than anything with Roger Waters, period" loool [2]

    25 Сен 10:00 Ответить
  • chavosh_e

    https://soundcloud.com/chavosh-eskandari/wish-you-were-here . I recorded the song: "Wish You Were Here" from "pink Floyd" with my Iranian traditional instrument: "TAR"

    24 Сен 21:10 Ответить
  • sunheadbowed

    "The Division Bell will always be better than anything with Roger Waters, period" loool

    24 Сен 21:08 Ответить
  • henriqueeeeee

    Menos de 2 meses! ;')

    24 Сен 20:32 Ответить
  • shingouz

    The only constant in Pink Floyd discography is the fact that they never did the same thing twice. The band explored every boundaries of rock music and I expect that this final album will do the same. In other words, expect the unexpected. I'm really looking forward to it.

    24 Сен 20:25 Ответить
  • onthewall2983

    I can pick apart a lot of that article, but one thing I am worried of that the article does state is whether Roger will turn into the old Roger again about this. I imagine we'll be hearing whatever his .02 are about it soon since he's been doing press for the new Wall doc, and surely the question will come up. In recent interviews he's expressed some regret for having almost gone through with a court battle over the name. I don't think this will be a repeat of 1987 when his album was brushed aside for AMLOR in regards to his movie because the tour did so ridiculously well and that would bode well for anything to come documenting it. Plus, I think a lot of those scars have healed on both sides. If anything it's the press digging at them more than the men themselves.

    24 Сен 18:55 Ответить
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