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Не так уж много людей слушали Reemotto в последнее время.
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“Reemotto” is a techno project from Minsk (Republic of Belarus),presented by two young guys Andrew Shklyanko and Denis Berezovik.
Our project was born very spontaneously in summer 2010 and since that time it has been growing and developing. The first event we performed at was an underground cottage party of our friends. At first, we took part only at the events we organized themselves, but very soon became the participants of other great Minsk events. Among them are: Shufflemood, Fabrique of Dubstep, Kosmodrom, Audiorape and many others. As we began to have more performances, sometimes we not only played techno, but also minimal and dub techno with some dark atmosphere. But in spite of the fact, techno is the prior genre for us to work with.
Moreover, Reemotto took part in a very popular Belarus festival “Kosmos Nash” (2011), where we had the honor to perform at one place with Terry Lee Brown Junior and Timewriter. And in addition, we performed with KOER, Egor Boss, Kombainer and with such our Belarus techno-scene friends as Sasha Wins & Igor Shep, KAGO DO, Egoism, Normative, Slava Uncle.
Besides, Denis Berezovik worked at the “Cocaine Records” label, which belongs to S.W.I.S.
In 2011 the project won the second price of “New Generation DJ’s” of “TopDj Awards 2011”
Now Reemotto has its own followers, its audience. This project is well-known around the country and is very prospective with plenty of ideas to fulfill. Reemotto will continue surprise and delight everybody, the project is ready to achieve more success by starting to make its own music, its own tracks.

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