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The Burned Up



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The Burned Up band was formed in June 2000. In the Ukrainian Krivoy Rog city. Just when two brothers Boris Bychkov and Roman Terekhov inspired by favorite bands decided to run their own metal project. Sergey Kalynychenko was taken in as the solo guitarist. During the first few rehearsals the four strings was given to one the friends, but later the crucial role of the bass player was taken by Ivan Urivskiy. After forming the basic collective, The Burned Up started serious rehearsal sessions. Everyone being in touch with music knows that it takes much time playing together toform the proper sound. At this stage the casual and not purposeful people are eliminated. To honor the band it’s necessary to notice, that they have avoided such troubles, and managed to keep the primary structure without changes. During 2003 – 2005 the band worked hard at the technical side of performing, executing numerous covers to their favorite bands «Metallica», «Offspring», «Motorhead» etc. This periodthe band forms the main direction of the further work: thrash metal riffing, high technical level,and English lyrics. In 2005 the band decided to record the demo. So they rented a room and accepted to work. The lyrics were written by Roman Terekhov, and the musical material was created by general efforts of the members. After two years of work the first cd “…Still the fire burns…” was released. It included 8 tracks. On the 28th of May The Burned Up entered the ‘’Shelter +’’ studio, where Words of Devastation, Painful Demise and Blood Like Fire tracks were recorded.

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