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Transport Aerian


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The project was founded in 2003 by the singer-multiinstrumentalist Hamlet.

The band soon became really successful with its neo-progressive music and vanguard lyrics. When the former guitar player left the band in the beginning of 2007, Hamlet renamed the project ‘Transport Aerian’. In his own recording studio, Hamlet began working on a conceptual album titled: ‘The Dream’.

The album appeared to be a dark and gloomy mix of progressive rock, trip-hop, ambient and industrial music and was released in march 2008. He recorded all the instruments himself. The Dream got a good response from the press, several good reviews and good reactions of fans. Hamlet invited his old line-up to provide gigs supporting the new album.

During the summer of 2008 Hamlet got through some critical changes in his life, which made him to start working on a new conceptual album. The album was independantly released in July 2009 and appeared to be an artistic mix of different genres such as neo-progressive rock, industrial and avant-garde music but kept the sound of Transport Aerian as it is known.

In summer 2010 the news over the new album appeared.

Transport Aerian is progressing, and always looking for a ways to create something impossible before.


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