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Veil of Maya


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Oak Park, Чикаго IL, Соединенные Штаты (2004 – по сей день)

Veil of Maya - американская группа, играющая в стиле . Группа основана в 2004 году, в Oak Park, Illinois. Название группы взято из одноимённой пьесы Джорджа Уильяма Рассела. В 2006 году у группы выходит дебютный альбом All Things Set Aside под лейблом Corrosive Recordings.

В 2008 году, заключив контракт с sumerian records, группа записывает второй альбом The Common Man’s Collapse, а в 2010 году выходит альбом id. Оба альбома продюсировал Michael Keene (The Faceless)

28 февраля 2012 года под тем же лейблом вышел альбом Eclipse, спродюсированный Misha «Bulb» Mansoor (Periphery)

Состав группы:
Sam Applebaum - ударные (2004—по сей день)
Marc Okubo - гитара (2004—по сей день)
Lukas Magyar - вокал(2015- по сей день)
Danny Hauser - бас-гитара (2010—по сей день)

Бывшие участники
Brandon Butler - вокал (2007—2014)


Лучшие альбомы


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  • sixJ0k3rsx

    @Nordpolar Well, i'm sorry if i'm not entitled to my own fucking opinion, but when band as big as VOM starts making music which doesn't sound like them at all, I am truly dissappointed.

    Вчера, 18:45 Ответить
  • bloozclooz

    yeah their new music is pretty fucking garbage.

    Вчера, 18:31 Ответить
  • SXR85G

    I am very very very disappointed

    28 Мар 21:48 Ответить
  • SXR85G

    Veil of Mayo

    28 Мар 21:46 Ответить
  • Lonetramp

    I wish they re-recorded their outstanding first album, rather then writing something new. Their Uniqueness is getting lower with each album as for me.

    27 Мар 18:58 Ответить
  • iPowers

    The new vocalist is fucking awesome. His singing is really really good. I'm really bummed to hear everyone else is hating it. =\\

    27 Мар 8:32 Ответить
  • Dami0men

    those cleans are fucking horrid, VOM did NOT need that addition you know Marc must've been high when he thought it was a good idea

    26 Мар 19:58 Ответить
  • the_spasm

    I've listened to all of their discography and the two new songs don't seem too bad for me... Yeah, they're different, but ain't bad.

    26 Мар 11:32 Ответить
  • DarkMessengerVI

    the new song is featuring linkin park? good vocals.

    26 Мар 2:03 Ответить
  • prussiancheese

    I love every one of their albums and I fucking love Mikasa.

    25 Мар 23:58 Ответить
  • Guitarralaihz

    I'm gonna miss Brandon

    25 Мар 23:24 Ответить
  • KonstantinBTC

    The cleans are truly beautiful. #VeilHasRisen

    25 Мар 20:12 Ответить
  • Nordpolar

    Yeah, clearly. That's why I listen to VOM since their debut, genius. It doesn't hit your taste and that's okay but please cut this "I need a poor explanation for not liking their music anymore"-bullshit.

    25 Мар 19:42 Ответить
  • sixJ0k3rsx

    Clearly, those who like "Mikasa" ,haven't been listening to these guys since ATSA. Fuck, I was afraid something bad might happen when Brandon left the band and I was right. There is so little left of VOM in these two new songs :(

    25 Мар 11:30 Ответить
  • Eric0582

    New album is going to blow their old ones out of the fucking water. New vocals are unbelievably good.

    25 Мар 3:06 Ответить
  • Billo_Birillo

    New track Mikasa is fire, even if I hope the other songs on the album won't be singed exclusively for the chorus

    24 Мар 20:54 Ответить
  • Nordpolar

    Way better than "Phoenix".

    24 Мар 20:42 Ответить
  • Schander

    Oh, I'm not offended. I was mostly addressing Brandon, whilst responding to both comments at the same time. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    24 Мар 20:27 Ответить
  • nazcapilot

    @Schander: I do apologize if I offended you. My goal wasn't really to invalidate your concerns. Personally, I love Periphery, so I view this change in style as a welcomed step in the right direction. But it wouldn't be fair for me to say that you're wrong for not liking the song or the incorporation of cleans. I do not judge you for your different tastes. I didn't think the comparison was much of an issue when I typed that post, but I do regret making the assumption that it would have been accepted by nearly everyone.

    24 Мар 18:44 Ответить
  • Schander

    Nobody here is judging you for liking those tracks, so do the rest a favor and stop trying invalidate other people's criticism. Since I personally absolutely can not stand Periphery, I would indeed consider this cause for alarm. On the other hand, I wasn't really expecting much of this release anyway.

    24 Мар 17:25 Ответить
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