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Veil of Maya


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Oak Park, Чикаго IL, Соединенные Штаты (2004 – по сей день)

Veil of Maya - американская группа, играющая в стиле . Группа основана в 2004 году, в Oak Park, Illinois. Название группы взято из одноимённой пьесы Джорджа Уильяма Рассела. В 2006 году у группы выходит дебютный альбом All Things Set Aside под лейблом Corrosive Recordings.

В 2008 году, заключив контракт с sumerian records, группа записывает второй альбом The Common Man’s Collapse, а в 2010 году выходит альбом id. Оба альбома продюсировал Michael Keene (The Faceless)

28 февраля 2012 года под тем же лейблом вышел альбом Eclipse, спродюсированный Misha «Bulb» Mansoor (Periphery)

Состав группы:
Sam Applebaum - ударные (2004—по сей день)
Marc Okubo - гитара (2004—по сей день)
Lukas Magyar - вокал(2015- по сей день)
Danny Hauser - бас-гитара (2010—по сей день)

Бывшие участники
Brandon Butler - вокал (2007—2014)


Лучшие альбомы


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  • ktmf

    Why the hell are their 'albums' all about 30 minutes long (or more accurately: 30 minutes short)? More like EPs.

    3 ч. назад Ответить
  • MystCall

    All of their album covers look like Twilight movie posters.

    Вчера, 23:47 Ответить
  • RiasPure

    @p5_ar: jonowev actually left a positive comment on before that one, relax. "One of the few bands of this scene that are actually worth their salt. Their sound is still recognisable from the first album. Good stuff!"

    23 Май 5:53 Ответить
  • p5_ar

    v whoaa grindcore you're sOOooo edgy!! v

    21 Май 19:10 Ответить
  • Solus-

    Randomly stumbled upon "Lucy" and I'm so happy I did. Wow. Pretty cool~

    21 Май 0:50 Ответить
  • jonowev

    You'll all be listening to grindcore in five years time.

    20 Май 10:30 Ответить
  • forfrosne

    Less djent more riffs pls

    20 Май 10:26 Ответить
  • forfrosne

    New album sounds *exactly* like Periphery.

    20 Май 10:25 Ответить
  • nazcapilot

    I really can't stop listening to Matriarch. I love it so very much! I do admit that this album doesn't approach the others regarding intensity, but I really appreciate the inclusion of cleans. I absolutely love how they sound! Anyway, I hope their next album is much heavier. I like to assume that this album was a test to see how well this new-found melodicism would be received. I don't see them watering their sound any further, but the cleans are here to stay. I just hope the next album will be heavy, accessible and technically impressive beyond the standard.

    20 Май 4:42 Ответить
  • Asphyz

    Album will have pride of place on my guilty pleasures playlist.

    18 Май 15:59 Ответить
  • xVictimOfADownx

    @AColdDayInHell Fair enough, my mistake i'm just disappointed that one of my favorite bands released an album I don't care for.

    18 Май 3:22 Ответить
  • FilipeMurta

    Veil of Periphery [2]

    18 Май 2:37 Ответить
  • soneeee

    Matriarch is the first VoM album I enjoy from the first listen. [5] I like new vocals.

    18 Май 1:33 Ответить
  • VanillaDragon

    Tbh i was really skeptical of this album at first, i didnt like the cleans at all, but now that the dust has settled this album actually has more replay-ability for me than anything else they've released. I always thought were good, but not great. now i think they're great

    17 Май 21:30 Ответить
  • sunjay140

    Veil of Periphery. This band dropped the ball.

    17 Май 2:24 Ответить
  • sunjay140

    The new album is a 7/10. They dropped all their originality for catchy hooks. The riffs are simplistic and there are too many breakdowns. The drumming is uninspired. The lyrics are meh and Brandon was better than the good vocalist. The only saving grace for this album is the catchy hooks but even that feels like a regression from their previous work. In the old VOM, the songs wold be dissected but now it's too simplistic to dissect and we're left waiting for a catchy chorus. Oh well.

    17 Май 2:06 Ответить
  • stagepotato

    Matriarch is the first VoM album I enjoy from the first listen. [4] Knew VoM for years, never got into them somehow although I like a few other bands in the same genre and "Sumerian bands", Matriarch got me hooked though.

    17 Май 1:16 Ответить
  • aldrignedigen

    I kinda liked the new album as well, though I dont appreciate their previous works. I guess those who say they made this album exactly this way to cover a wider audience, are probably right. Personally I dont find anything bad in that

    15 Май 14:04 Ответить
  • Caroll_TM

    Matriarch is the first VoM album I enjoy from the first listen. [3]

    15 Май 12:32 Ответить
  • Pooterbang

    I wish the whole album was like Teleute.

    15 Май 0:37 Ответить
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