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Wall Of The Eyeless


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Crepuscular progressive death fucking metal with various influences, solos, use of acoustic guitar. We aim to combine the music, lyrics and artwork to create one single picture.

The band was formed in November of 2011 at Helsjön, Sweden by SL, 21, who originally comes from Pskov, Russia. SL was trying hard to form a band in his hometown with no success, but never lost hope, and, when he came to Sweden, he found a drummer - Simon, 18, and the things just clicked. After the long and focused rehearsals, the «Through Emptiness» demo was recorded by the guys themselves and self-released on Dec 31st, 2011. The demo has already got and still keeps getting the positive feedback from both the listeners and the press, despite the sound and the lack of production.

After a lot of good and great feedback the guys’ve received after the release of their first demo, “Through Emptiness”, Wall Of The Eyeless got an opportunity to push everything to a new level. This record, which is entitled “Wimfolsfestta” and is basically WotE’s second demo, is much more than just another demo. It’s a thought-through record which has a concept in everything - in music, lyrics and artwork.
The CD has 4 tracks with the total running time of almost 27 minutes, was recorded and mixed in Endarker Studio (MARDUK, FUNERAL MIST, RAGNAROK, etc.) with MARDUK’s bassist Magnus “Devo” Andersson as a producer and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (KATATONIA, SWALLOW THE SUN, OPETH, AMON AMARTH, BLOODBATH, etc.).

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