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Alexander Chernenko - guitar,keys
Konstantin Loskutov - guitar,keys
Ivan Burtsev - bass
Kirill Ganin- drums

Such claims are full of hope - and an easy target for cynics - so it’s understandable that some ensembles would try and embrace this state as a permanent divorce from fiscal comfort. They accept the status quo as unchangeable - and even grow to love it. Creative freedoms are boundless; the hope of an income is minimal… but so be it. One fine example of an optimistic stance would be the band Aurora, whose name is tied inexorably to St. Petersburg. Whatever the astral or mythological connotations may be for Western listeners, «Avrora» to Russian ears speaks directly of a battleship that played a key role in announcing the October Revolution.
It sounded the call to arms - and a risky, new freedom.
In reality, these musicians live very far from that storied city. They’re actually four residents of Khabarovsk, on Russia’s Pacific Coast: Alexander Chernenko, Konstantin Loskutov (both guitars and keyboards), Ivan Burtsev (bass), and Kirill Ganin (drums). Their sparse web presence includes images of the barren Pacific seashore and the equally bleak Neva River in St. Petersburg. The melancholy romance of being nowhere is considerable. The band members themselves say: «Aurora is born of a merger between nocturnal musings and the aura of Russia’s Far East. That combination is manifest in the band’s debut EP. The group employs a classic range of [post-rock] instrumentation, but it never stops them creating warmth, weightlessness, and mystery.» (с) Farfrommoscow

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