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Marina & the DiamondsFroot 17 Апр 11:49
Marina & the DiamondsHappy 17 Апр 11:45
KMDNitty Gritty (Remix) 17 Апр 11:39
KMDPopcorn 17 Апр 11:36
KMDPlumskinzz. (Oh No I Don't Believe It!) 17 Апр 11:35
KMDIt Sounded Like A Roc! 17 Апр 11:30
KMDBlack Bastards! 17 Апр 11:26
KMDGimme! 17 Апр 11:22
KMDContact Blitt 17 Апр 11:20
KMDSmokin' That S*#%! 17 Апр 11:15
KMDSweet Premium Wine 17 Апр 11:11
KMDWhat A Nigga Know? 17 Апр 11:07
KMDGarbage Day #3 17 Апр 11:05
KMDPreacher Porkchop 17 Апр 11:00
KMDPeachfuzz 17 Апр 10:56


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Editor/blogger/adept for MAXIM Russia
A reckless, daring, noble guy with very rich imagination. Or thinks he is.


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"Stay hungry, stay foolish".
Omnia vincit amor. All you need is love. Love is all you need. And enough of it :)
And music. Music is a great thing. Just imagine: it takes Billy Idol to sing "o-o-o" from his "Sweet Sixteen" to make ANY sweet sixteen want him so much. And it takes Edward Leedskalnin to build a whole Coral Castle in Florida and write a work on the nature of woman's sexuality not to get a SINGLE ONE. Think about it.

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Roger Waters
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Billy Idol
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