26, Жен, Российская Федерация
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  • Mikropark

    The Memory Of The Goze - Lisa Gerrard and Michael Edwards :

    27 Ноя 2014 Ответить
  • AntiCoff21

    hahaha!!! Familjen allways make life brighter when you need it as most :)), according to the weather reports I have notice that it has been cold over there, already got snow?

    1 Дек 2011 Ответить
  • tortly

    ^^ thx!

    17 Авг 2011 Ответить
  • tortly

    Limit To Your Love (Honey Remix)

    8 Авг 2011 Ответить
  • AntiCoff21

    Can nothing else than agree on that point of view :) by the way how have your summer been so far, have you been watching some cool bands that I have to keep my eyes open for lately? ;) I dont know if you have heard of "Little Dragon" before, have allways been a huge fan of their mess up of genres and sounds and was watching a unmatched good liveperformance by them recently, anyway they gonna release their third full-lenght album in the end of july and new stuff sounds promising; // // // Happy Summer :))

    12 Июл 2011 Ответить
  • AntiCoff21

    Otherwise Swedes understand danish and norwegian without difficulty maybe the russian equivalent to the ratio of belarusian, ukrainian etc. Swedes can also without any prior knowledge understand limited german or to a certain extent since many words hold similarities. I found icelandic harder then swedish, icelandic can not really bee comprehended by other scandinavians, much because it has preserved its original form, oldnorse-language is still in practice there and managed to stay intact due to Iceland's geographical position wich made it impossible for neoscandinavian, english, german and french to being established there. But the hardest language in my opinion must bee greenlandish. And finally sorry for my endless message but language is indeed interesting and wish you all luck with what you will gonna do in the languagedomain :D

    29 Июн 2011 Ответить
  • AntiCoff21

    Swedish was ranked somewhere as the sixth most difficult language in some investigation about hardest language to understand, probably because of our difficult grammar, for example there are many words in the grammar that does not exist in English plus the fact that we use a reverse grammatical equivalent of English, and presumably most difficult of all our different spelling, with different pitches and the large number of dialects. But in the end I think it depends alot on background, I remember how easily it was for my serbian and croatian friends, with their slavic language background, to learn russian during the russian language lessons I read in school, while it went slowlier for me. They where almost already programmed with it while everything was completely new to me. One other cause is my weak language genes, but that is a different history :P.

    29 Июн 2011 Ответить
  • AntiCoff21

    Language is really interesting. One of my big idols are basically lingvinist, Noam Chomsky, but I cherish him to be honest, more for his political activism. Ohh regarding to onomastics, some swedish influences on russian language can bee found as you probably already know - some early scandinavian names was russified during the viking raids in Russia, such as Helge - Oleg, Helga - Olga, Ingvar - Igor. And the name of Russia is probably also arose during this time, Roslagen in Sweden was the residence of the "rus" and where they emigrated from and afterwards settled down in Novgorod. Somewhat of a paradox finns and estoninas in their native language is calling Sweden for "Ruotsi". Whether swedish is hard or not, I think I cant judge according to my background as swedish. But can imagine that from outsider's perspective, swedish is difficult.

    29 Июн 2011 Ответить
  • AntiCoff21

    Big things going on over there, highly recommended // //

    26 Июн 2011 Ответить
  • AntiCoff21

    My congratulations :)) may I ask what you educated too? Will self begin study philosophy in autumn, have long journey ahead of me :) Present life is actually good! have recently been celebrating midsummer, one of the most important traditions here in Sweden which oddly enough still alive here (we are normally very secular, but this is an exception to the rule) its including wearing of folk costumes, crowns of flowers, playing espacially one called small frogs, old folklore songs, dancing around a maypole, eating herring and drinking "snaps" and so on. And can even less not complaining when three albums from three favourite artists Memory Tapes, Washed Out and Pictureplane with anticipated sky-high ambitions leaked within a week, and the result is far good enough :))) Ohh like both Curd Lakes Magic and I Va :)) been encountered by these on the russian adults blog wich also have a compilation up of the new russian lo-fi and chillwave scene.

    26 Июн 2011 Ответить
  • AntiCoff21

    hey friend :) long time since last, how are you doing? familiarize myself with "ifwe" at the moment, and then how good they are, its like seventh heaven for me // // toxins well together with my emotional mood and russian language I like above everything else, which I probably already mentioned :)

    22 Июн 2011 Ответить

    Hi Dear Friend, Check It Out My Artist Page( ) Please And Leave There A Comment... What U Think...And Share My Artist Page To Your Friends Thanks.

    2 Май 2011 Ответить
  • LieveK

    White Horse is actually just one guy though. He'll release a new part of the Revenant Gospels series on Friday. I'll probably put something on my blog about it. Thanks for reading my blog :) I know I don't have a lot of readers so it's always nice to hear someone picked up something through it :)

    4 Апр 2011 Ответить
  • grafonola

    o hai!

    3 Апр 2011 Ответить
  • ortenlof

    haha. well, thanks for listening! :D

    1 Апр 2011 Ответить
  • ortenlof

    love your library!

    1 Апр 2011 Ответить
  • LieveK

    yay! white horse :)

    31 Мар 2011 Ответить
  • tortly

    8 Мар 2011 Ответить
  • AntiCoff21

    thank you very much ;) appreciate

    7 Мар 2011 Ответить
  • AntiCoff21

    Seems as a fantastic tool! would you like to uncover the source for me? :)

    7 Мар 2011 Ответить
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