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    Добро пожаловать на борт, Mode_B! Приятного прослушивания.

    6 Фев 2012 Ответить

О себе

This project was founded by Alexander and Felix from Ukraine.

Mode B - already a brand in the electronics industry with their creativity guys have earned a good reputation, entering the charts and minimal neotrance scene! Remixes and original work of their duo repeatedly appeared in straight sets, mixes, podcasts, show’s of such famous artist like: Hernán Cattáneo, Ryan Davis, Lanny May, Laurent Garnier, Spada, Van Hai, John Acquaviva, Kane Roth, Jay Epoch, Electric Resque, Mattheis, Joff Logartz, Max Cooper, Luis Junior and many others.

Today, Mode B is part of the independent German label "Back Home", and his imprint Klangwelt, belonging to the famous Ryan Davis. In the process of working with them, they also began to cooperate with "Proton Group", their tracks and mixes can be heard on Proton Radio. Many times, their tracks were spinning in the top charts "Proton music". The highlight of the project in its unique and mysterious sound that is an important part of their duo.


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